TiO 15 – Exodus – The Dangers of Freedom


The Main Idea

This message wraps up our Exodus series by focusing on the high-point in the book, the little blank space between Chapter 31 and 32!  The entire Exodus story is reviewed through the eyes of Moses with special take-away-lessons relevant to each of us.  The message then examines the cause of Israel’s downfall and the dangers of extreme personal freedom concluding with the idea that ‘Faith has a short shelf life’ and the victories and successes of yesterday don’t rollover into today.  Faith needs to be kept fresh!

Warm Up Questions: (Choose 1 or 2)

Q1: How do you define freedom?

Q2: Do you feel better when you have freedom or structure in your life?

Q3: Would you describe the household you grew up in as being “free” or “restrictive”?

The Word

Read the scripture aloud: Galatians 5:13

For you were called to freedom, brothers and sisters; only do not use your freedom as an opportunity for self-indulgence, but through love become slaves to one another.

Freedom and the response of the people of Israel to that freedom had real and lasting consequences—most of them bad.

As he concluded, Todd spoke of many things that we are free to do, as followers of Jesus. Many of these, while acceptable (or at least forgivable) would not contribute to the good of the body of Christ.

Q1: How do you see evidence of freedom in your life?

Q2: If you see limitations on your freedom, what would it take for you to feel/be free?

Q3: Should we quest for freedom or just wait for it to happen?

Q4: What are some acceptable limits to our freedom? When is the “good of the many” an acceptable reason to limit freedom?

Pray that we would all accept the freedom we have been given and give up that freedom for the good of others.

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