TiO 15 – The Story – Creation


The Main Idea

In the beginning God created. This week Todd began at the beginning, when the story of God and the story of human beings were one story. He spoke of the rebellion of people against God and the start of a second story, a lower story, which describes the path of humanity as it tries to restore its relationship with God.

Warm Up Questions: (Choose 1 or 2)

Q1: Have you ever read the whole Bible from start to finish? For those who have, what was the experience like? For those who have not, talk about what has kept you from doing so?

Q2: As you begin to read and study The Story together as a small group, what do each of you hope to get out of this experience? Have each person talk about their hopes and expectations.

Q3: Reading a chapter of The Story each week will take some discipline. Will there be a particular time or place that you will do the reading for the week? Is there a way that you can be accountable to each other?

Throughout the rest of the Old Testament (up to the end of chapter 21) we are going to see God leading the people of Israel through reconciliation with him.

Q1: What is your beginning story? Do you have a story about the beginning of your relationship with God? If you do, tell your group about it.

Q2: Do you need help keeping up with your reading? Maybe you need a “buddy” to be accountable to. Talk together about the barriers you will have to reading a chapter every week and what supports you can put in place to make sure that it happens.

Pray that God would open your mind and your spirit to hearing new things from him in his ancient story.

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