TiO 15 – The Story – Missional Excuses


The Main Idea

After many blessings and curses in his life the whole family of Joseph and his brothers are living comfortably in Egypt. But in Chapter 4 the tide changes and the Egyptians, fearful of the success of the people of Israel, devise many ways to oppress them. The rest of Chapter 4 is God’s deliverance of the people of Israel from the hands of the Egyptians and the beginning of their journey to the land that God had promised Abraham in Chapter 2.

Warm Up Questions: (Choose 1 or 2)

Q1: Have you ever had an experience where you ended up somewhere where the Pharaoh was different and you had to start all over again gaining a reputation? This could be school, work, or a group you are a part of. Tell that story.

Q2: Have you ever been to a desert? Talk about the experience and then speculate what it would be like to wander for 40 years in that desert.

Q3: Sometimes we have to prepare a long time before we can do a job or a task. Do you have a story like that, where you had to prepare for years (or decades) before your job became clear and you could finally begin to do it?

The theme of deliverance is ongoing in the lives of the followers of Jesus. 1) we think of our initial deliverance from Sin: the power of the world over us and the release that comes as we begin to follow Jesus. 2) there is also the deliverance that comes to us day to day as we live our lives and we overcome, through the power of the Holy Spirit, the constant pull of sin in the world and in our own bodies and minds.

Q1: What parallels to your own life do you see in the story of the deliverance of the people of Israel, as found in Chapter 4 of The Story? Share those stories with your group.

Q2: What temptations do you struggle with? What do you need deliverance from?

Pray specifically for each other for those temptations and struggles that are mentioned. Rather than simply praying out in a circle do something new this week in your prayer time. For each member of your group, form a circle, put your hands on him or her, and pray specifically for strength to overcome the sin and to break its power in his or her life.

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