TiO 15 – The Story – New Commands and a New Covenant


The Main Idea

As the people of Israel begin their trek through the wilderness God stops them for a while and begins to put some form to his relationship with them. To this point, God (Yahweh) was relatively unknown to the people, but in their escape from Egypt they saw close-up what he was capable of. Now it was time for God to reveal his holiness through laws and guidelines for his relationship with the people of Israel.

Warm Up Questions: (Choose 1 or 2)

Q1: Outside of the sun, can you think of other things which are intensely good but very dangerous if your approach them without caution?Q2: What is the balance to be struck between seeing God as holy and seeing God as approachable?
Q3: What did you hear on the weekend or read in Chapter 5 that was new or that you saw in a new way?

We all have stories of our acknowledgement of the holiness of God and our wavering allegiance to him. Q1: Can you recall an incident when you were keenly aware of the holiness of God? Talk about that.

Q2: Are there places or times (not necessarily specific events) when the true nature of God is evident to you? Tell the group about that.

It is easy to look back at the people of Israel or the followers of Jesus and laugh at how little faith or commitment they had to God. But often, when we stop to think about our own lives the same kinds of weaknesses are revealed.

Q3: Do you have specific events in your life that demonstrate your lack of faith in God?
Q4: Have you seen God come through for you despite your lack of faith? Tell the group one of those stories.Q5: Do you struggle to be faithful to God (or trust in him) when he seems silent? What do you do in those circumstances?

Pray for consistency in your life of faith: specifically, that circumstance would not dictate your level of trust in God and that you would regularly be reminded of how holy he is.


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