TiO 15 – The Story – Wandering


The Main Idea

The people of Israel leave the foot of Mount Sinai, having camped there for a year, and move towards their goal, the promised land of Canaan. But their grumbling and complaining catches up to them and they cry out to be allowed to return to Egypt, even after 2 of their spies say that God will give them the land of promise. As a result, they end up wandering in the desert as they await both the deaths of the generation who escaped from Egypt and, sadly, of Moses himself

Warm Up Questions: (Choose 1 or 2)

Q1: How do you feel about snakes?

Q2: If you could choose only one food to eat for a whole year, what would it be?

Q3: What questions or insights about this chapter of The Story did you come away with?

A few years ago there was a campaign, started by a church in the United States, to encourage and remind people not to complain. They created and sent out rubber bracelets that had printed on them “No Complaining”. It was a rousing success, at least in that church. People stopped complaining and, instead, began to focus on those things in their lives that were blessings from God. Despite seeing God work, we often look back to more stable times and long for “Egypt”.

Q1: Are there times in your past that you look back fondly on and long to recapture? These are not nostalgic memories like “Wasn’t it nice when our kids were younger” but, instead, times that you really desire to return to so that you can avoid the trials of the present. Talk about those times and why you long to be there and not where you are.

Q2: Have you experienced the deliverance of God from hard times? In what way does (or can) this knowledge of deliverance help as you face the present or the future?

Q3: Do you complain a lot? Do other people think you do? Would it be possible to go a week, a day, an hour, without complaining? How would a focus on blessing in all circumstances change the way you live?

Challenge: go for a day without complaining. When you do feel like complaining turn that into positive action, encouraging or frank communication, and a refocus on the goodness of God. Be prepared to report back to your group next week about the results of this experience.

Pray for each other as you seek to live a life of celebration for the goodness that he has given and the trials he has brought you through.

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