TiO 15 – The Story – A Few Good Men… And Women


The Main Idea

Obedience, apathy, and disobedience are a cycle. We see it clearly in the book of Judges. But every time the people of Israel fell away from God here was there to pick them back up when they called out to him.

Warm Up Questions: (Choose 1 or 2)

Q1: Do you see your life as a circle or a line?

Q2: If given the opportunity, would you be a judge?

Q3: In thinking about Todd’s sermon, what questions or insights about this part of The Story did you come away with?

It is easy to see the cycle of sin—following, drifting, enslavement, repentance—as it is played out in chapter 8. It is more difficult to see this cycle in our own lives, especially as we begin to drift. But for most of us, this cycle is present and we have to be watchful. However, as Todd said, we are never forced to go through the whole cycle. Repentance and forgiveness are always available and we can jump straight to deliverance and following again.

Q1: Can you identify specific points in your life where you drifted from God after following him wholeheartedly? Share these with your group if you are comfortable doing so.

Q2: What can you do to avoid this cycle? If you cannot avoid it, what can you do to shorten the time between times of wholehearted service to God?

Pray with each other about specific areas where you tend to drift from God. Pray that you will spend your time in wholehearted devotion to God and not drifting and experiencing the consequences of that drift.

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