TiO 15 – The Story – The Faith of a Foreign Woman


The Main Idea

Regular people. Living regular lives. Wondering if God is even noticing them. The story of Ruth is a story of two women … and a God who has not forgotten them.

Warm Up Questions: (Choose 1 or 2)

Q1: Have you ever lived somewhere temporarily, that is, an extended time somewhere that was not a holiday? Tell that story.

Q2: Have you ever visited a country or city where the predominant language is one that you do not speak? How did you feel in that circumstance?

Q3: Have you ever been told that Winnipeggers have unusual cultural customs? Name some practices that Winnipeggers have that you believe (or have been told) are unusual.

Most of us see our lives as ordinary. Even those who do extraordinary things often see those things as being exceptional within their own lives: and so they should. For most of our lives are spent at the mundane things: sleeping and eating and passing the salt to each other. So It Is easy to convince ourselves that we do not matter In the larger scheme of things. But all of the really extraordinary things that God has accomplished and will accomplish In the world has come through the work of people who are being faithful followers of Jesus.

Q1: Do you ever feel like you are far too ordinary to be of use to the Kingdom of God? Does the story of Ruth change that perspective in any way?

Q2: What place does “faithful in the ordinary” hold in the life of the follower of Jesus? What ordinary ways are you (can you) contribute to the Kingdom of God?

Pray that you would find ordinary ways to be used by God to spread the gospel of Jesus.


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