TiO 15 – The Story – Standing Tall – Falling Hard


The Main Idea

The people of Israel demanded a king and God gave them one. And this changed the course of the history of the people of Israel for centuries. And it all started with Samuel and Saul.

Warm Up Questions: (Choose 1 or 2)

Q1: Without escalating to physical violence with others in your group, talk about how do you feel about Canada retaining its connections to the monarchy of Great Britain?

Q2: If you were “King of the World” and you had the ability to make one law, what would it be?

Q3: Given that being a monarch comes with it a lot of obligations and protocols and restrictions, if you had the choice to be a royal, would you? For example, would you marry into the royal family of Great Britain?

Kings are tangible, we can touch them and see them. And so we choose our kings. We want to be like the other nations and so we choose kings of money and ideology. And too often we either reject God or we move him down in importance and ask him to fall in line with our real kings. We set up money as king and then ask God to bless our money-making projects. We set up a particular political ideology as king and then we ask that God would make that ideology supreme. We set up the pursuit of pleasure as our king and then ask that God bless the things that we pursue. God does not say that money or power or fame or politics or pleasure are wrong, what he does say is that they are not to be king in his place.

Q1: How do you demonstrate the Kingship of God in your life?

There have been debates in the recent history of the followers of Jesus about how we describe our place in the world. We use the word “Christian” to describe who we are and then a million other words to describe what we do.

Q2: Is there a difference between a Christian who is a politician and a politician who is a Christian? Does one of these phrases more accurately describe Biblical kingship? If you substitute your role in society—doctor, carpenter, student, mother, executive—for “politician” in the question, does that change your approach to the role (or roles) you have?

Pray that you would discover how God’s kingship can be made visible in your life.

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