TiO 15 – The Story – A Kingdom Torn in Two


The Main Idea

The Kingdom of Israel is divided by internal strife and the disobedience of rulers and the people. While each ruler and tries in his own way to reunify they are always prevented from doing so by their own arrogance and disobedience. Over the course of many years very few rulers of either Kingdom show themselves to be fully devoted to God, as David had been.

Warm Up Questions: (Choose 1 or 2)

Q1: Consider the division of North and South Korea. What personal characteristics of the leaders of both countries will be required to make reunification possible?

Q2: Think about past friends (or family) with whom you used to be close but no longer are: what circumstances caused this?

Q3: Do you have a story about reunification with someone from your past? Tell that story to the group.

Two Kings, two Kingdoms. But neither king followed God and so the people went where the kings led. No one was devoted to God. All taking their own path because of personal ambition, desire, fear, or simply practicality. This is a theme which began with the first humans, Adam and Eve, has plagued the human race throughout our existence. As Todd said in his sermon, “These guys were setup for success and they managed to blow it anyway.” Choosing the right actions, the actions that God wants, is hard. Never too hard, but often hard.

Q1: Are there areas in you life in which making the right choice (the hard choice) is hard or impractical or inconvenient? Think about these things and share them if you are able. 

Q2: What concrete actions can you take to set yourself up for success in areas where you find yourself failing: either occasionally or habitually? Share those thoughts with your group.

Pray together for your areas of failing, that you might be fully devoted to God not just in your desires but in you’re actions as well.


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