TiO 15 – The Story – God’s Messengers


The Main Idea

With the Kingdom of Israel divided in two and most of the kings rebelling against God, the narrative turns to the spokesmen of God, the prophets. It is their words and their story that will be heard through to the end of chapter 21 (the Old Testament). In chapter 15, we hear the story of Elijah and Elisha, prophets of God.

Warm Up Questions: (Choose 1 or 2)

Q1: How Is the word “prophet” used in society today? 

Q2: Do you know of anyone in modern times who was/is considered a prophet (the label does not have to be accurate in order to be applied to people)? Who is it and why does he or she get that label?

Q3: Do you think that there are still prophets in the church today? Why or why not?

Kings, prophets, the Word of God, the wisdom of people. Those are recurring themes in The Story thus far but they are also themes in our own lives. The definitions have changed a bit, for example, we have exchanged kings for politicians and celebrities, but we still tend to listen to those four voices when we are looking for truth.

Think about the influences around you when you need to make important decisions.

Q1: How do you think you aught you rank these influences, from most to least (discuss):

Politicians and Celebrities, Church Leaders, The Bible, The Wisdom of Friends/Family/Acquaintances, Your own wisdom (or wisdom you get directly from God)

Q2: How do you actually rank these Influences (based on your own experience)?

Q3: Discuss your Influences and what you should or could change about them.

As you consider the voices of influence in your life pray that you would cultivate a listening ear for the right voices ad learn to disregard the voices that can do you harm.

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