TiO 15 – The Story – The Beginning of the End


The Main Idea

The Kingdom is divided and God has effectively withdrawn his blessing. Prophets, like Isaiah, are speaking of the fall of the Kingdoms but with a continued call for repentance. The Kingdom of Israel (Northern) is captured by Assyria and that seals their fate for the rest of time. The Kingdom of Judah (Southern) continues to resist the Assyrian invasion and with Hezekiah as a faithful King they enjoy some of the blessing of God. However, there is not much good to look forward to in their fortunes. It seems that defeat is just around the corner.

Warm Up Questions: (Choose 1 or 2)

Q1: What is your preference: ancient ruins, old architecture & buildings, or modern architecture & buildings? Why?

Q2: When you consider the history of your family, would you characterize it as godly or not? Talk about the history of following God in your family.

Q3: Were there questions or insights that came out of Todd’s message on the weekend that you’d like to discuss with your group?

Hezekiah was faithful not only to worship God but also to rid the land of bad influences. This must have been hard, not only because it was inconvenient and took work but also because there would have been resistance to this move.

Change is hard, but it is doubly hard when the temptations from past habits or lifestyle choices remain: try to eat healthy when your cupboards are full of cookies and chips.

Q1: What areas in your life would you like to change?

Q2: What obstacles to change do you need to remove from your environment? Friends? Habits? Hangouts?

Q3: Knowing that removing obstacles will leave voids in your life that need to be filled, what will you fill those voids with?

We all want to be devoted to God. Pray together that you would be able to make changes that will move you toward full devotion to him.


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